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All About Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority

What is CMDA?

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority is a state Government organization whose main responsibility is to formulate and implement plans for the development of the Chennai Metropolitan Area. Development activities of the municipalities, municipal corporations and other local authorities are coordinated and handled by the CMDA. It  surveys every area under its jurisdiction, prepares detailed reports and lays out the future development plans for it.

CMDA Approval for Properties in Chennai

The CMDA validates and approves plots and residential projects in the city. Real estate developers have to submit their building construction plan to CMDA for scrutiny and approval. CMDA performs the required due diligence and approves the valid plan for construction.

On completion of the project, CMDA inspects the property and validates if it has been constructed as per the approved plan. A completion certificate is awarded after the inspection of the final completed project. The completion certificate awarded by the CMDA indicates that the building has been constructed according to the approved plan and that it meets all the necessary standards.

Tips for buyers of new apartments in Chennai– 

  • Before you invest in your dream apartment, check for CMDA approval of the plan and also that the details of the plan have been displayed on the project site.
  • Ascertain that the construction of the apartments is as per the approved plan. This can be validated with the completion certificate which is issued by the CMDA.  On completion of the project, the developer has to obtain the completion certificate from CMDA, this proves that the construction is as per the proposed plan and other necessary safety regulations.

Advantages of CMDA approved plots – 

  • Plots approved by CMDA entitles the owner of the plot to make changes to the plot as per their discretion, including the construction of a house in it.
  • Investing in a CMDA plot (link to Eternity) implies that you are buying a plot within Chennai city limits with a good social infrastructure and better connectivity . The asset appreciation is better and resale value of CMDA approved plots are always higher
  • CMDA approved plots with clear titles make the land transaction transparent and easy. Also the clear titles and documents make the resale process easy.
  • Loan acquisition from banks and financial institutions for construction on plots is easy in the case of CMDA approved plots.

While looking to buy your dream home remember to check for the CMDA approval for the building plan and on completion of the project validate the presence of completion certificate to ensure that the builder has carried out the construction as per the plan. This guarantees a safe living environment and also the safety of your investment.

Similarly while choosing a plot for investment validate the CMDA approval for the plot. It is easy to obtain Planning Permission for such plots and this  permission is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue.

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