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Jump start your real estate career with Urbanrise, one of the most respected and awarded brands of South India’s Largest Real Estate Developer.

If you are passionate about your work and love working in a challenging environment then come join us.. Our opportunities allow you to work with passionate professionals with a focus of advancing your career. With our commitment to integrity, teamwork and diversity, we provide a rewarding experience to our employees.

Alliance Group and Urbanrise is an Equal-Opportunity employer and actively promotes from within; our employees are the future of our company. You will always find a wide variety of positions available at our corporate office & projects. Please check our listings and if you believe you fit the position, please fill out the required information on the job description page and we will get back to you!

Our culture

Urbanrise company are being built on the foundations of a performance oriented culture. Belief that coming to the office to spend 8 hours and warming the seat is not the reason why our team comes to office each day – instead we come to produce spectacular results.
Merit was always given front seat. Meritorious producers and committed colleagues are laid a red carpet. In some organisations sycophants keep moving up the ladder. In our organization, a culture of keeping sycophants away has been imbibed throughout the history of our organization. We also ask our leaders to discourage ‘YES MEN or YES WOMEN’, favouritism and sycophancy
Organisation believes in the philosophy of “one organisation – one team”. Management themselves does not indulge in ‘coterie culture’ right from the topmost level. Absolutely no scope for groups and such attempts will be nipped in the bud.
Financial discipline is our DNA. We run our operations in a frugal manner and strive to save every single rupee from being wasted. We strongly believe in the fact that only organisations that are disciplined will progress and in turn help their team progress forward in their careers and lives.
From the inception of the organization, innovation has been at the heart of all that we do. And we are well known for fostering innovation. Organization benchmarks itself not just with top 10 developers in the country, but also benchmarks and looks for innovation from industries outside real estate.
Management has created a culture of transparency by sharing all decisions made at the board level transparently with senior leaders and also with the entire team.
Management has nurtured an atmosphere of collaboration by seeking views from many and making decisions collaboratively. Culture is to involve the team in most discussions and debates, hear out everyone’s views and make everyone’s opinion count. As an organization we focus on encouraging collaborative wisdom. During interviews, we have always looked for leaders who are willing to listen with an open mind and collaborate with others.
Management recognises that office politics, groupism and talking negative behind people is like cancer a dangerous disease – if allowed, will spread fast and damage the fabric of the organization. Our work place is a very important place for all of us hence we focus on building a happy & productive workplace with zero tolerance to politics.
Every time there has been an adversity in the market, we have trained ourselves to walk with our chin-up and identify opportunities in such an adversity. In the last few years every time an adversity struck, we found opportunities and progress further:
  • The recession hit India for the first time in October 2008. Most of the developers sold their lands at distress prices to survive. Urbanrise did not sell even a square feet of its land and in turn also focussed on retiring all the loans and by 2010 has become a zero debt company and remained so until 2018
  • When Demonetisation happened, every single developer started crying, but our team at Urbanrise identified opportunities and were busy selling and did highest sales ever in the following month and kept our morale high by never looking back.
  • When Cyclone ripped through Chennai, and entire city was under floods, we were the first to come out and start 1 lakh tree plantation drive and also the first to start advertising our projects showcasing their ability to withstand floods
  • When GST bill was passed it was our team which, again with a positive attitude embraced the GST and started working with it and never allowed our sales to impact and in fact we have increased our sales from that point onwards
  • When RERA was implemented in Tamil Nadu, the whole real estate developer community was sulking and crying and some developers have started diversification into other industries. But our team welcomed the RERA warmly and we were amongst the first to register our projects with RERA in entire Tamil Nadu
  • Most recently when lockdown were imposed, while all other developers have gone into hibernation…. We as an organisation rose to the occasion and closed 334 sales & collected Rs.90.1 crores as collections during the 100 days of lockdown
The organization strongly believes that ‘the chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ - even if one person in the entire chain fails with his commitment towards the goals & time lines, the entire organization suffers and hence the organization focuses on goals and timelines
The organization is driven with a purpose and sense of urgency to become the number one developer in India - as a first step we have been focussing on our organisational vision
The organization recognises that the Human talent is the most important asset and the organization values that immensely
The organization is extremely environment conscious and recognises that Electricity & paper comes only by cutting trees, burning coal, fossil fuels and damaging our precious environment. So we turn off the lights & AC’s when leaving our work area, we turn off elevators and walk up the stairs, we use both sides of the paper and keep finding new ways to conserve these precious things in nature.


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