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Top 3 Tips to make your Home Child-Friendly

As Young Parents and doting grandparents the safety of Children is the most important factor of consideration. Most of the New Gen apartments in upcoming localities of the city like the trendy apartments for sale in Guduvanchery are built with many safety measures in mind. Exclusive play areas for kids to play safely, safe handrails in the common lobby areas, 24*6 security at the gates and more. These make the gated community safe and secure for kids. In addition to this when the basics of child safety measures are  followed at home kids get a safe and secure environment –

Minimalistic approach –

Adapting a minimalistic approach with less furniture and more space for the kids to move around is the basic of safety.

  • It is quite natural for small kids to choose the space under the table, the sides of the cupboard, etc to play hide and seek and other games. So, Choose light furniture with rounded edges, avoid heavy ones and also those with sharp edges. Apply edge protectors around sharp edges of furniture.
  • Also if you have big furnitures placed on the floor, like cupboards, dressers and so on, it is better to wall mount them or anchor them to the wall as a precautionary measure to avoid them falling over the kids.
  • If your doors have automatic lock, care should be taken to ensure that the lock is not turned on when child is left unattended in a room. A traditional latch at the top of the door is a safer option at homes with young children. Always maintain a spare set of keys for all the doors and place it outside in the living room always accessible.
  • Always remember to keep things like medicines, cleaning supplies, out of the reach of children. Place them in the higher cabinets of the shelves and remember to lock them.
  • Safety in the kitchen is primary. Remember to keep the gas cylinder closed when not cooking, children can playfully meddle with the stove knob and cause a gas leak when not watching, potentially triggering a very dangerous situation

Child-Safe Balconies –

Child-Safe Balconies - Luxury Apartments for Sale in Chennai

Balconies are one part of the house where more focus should be given to ensure kids safety. Better to have railings/grills in the balcony which are placed closely, small kids can always crawl or peep out inbetween the gaps in the railings. Child-safe nets are available in the market, these can be used for additional safety. If there are sliding doors, ensure they have a child-safe lock. Do not place chairs or tables in the balcony which the child can climb on and peep down, presence of an adult in the balcony to monitor the kids is mandatory in the balcony space.

A Creative Corner for Them – 

A Creative Corner for Them - Apartments for Sale in Chennai

When kids are occupied, reading or donning the creative hat they keep their naughtiness away. Give them a space in the house where they can rest, relax, read and don the creative hat. Place some comfortable Furniture, pleasant lighting and a small library where they can collect the books of their choice. This will encourage them to develop the very important skill of reading keeping away all the other distractions.

A  comfortable writing desk wherein they can draw, scribble or even write an interesting story. You can make the place more comfortable by throwing in a rug, a small couch with bright cushions, hanging a hammock and so on. This reading corner can be a part of their room or even in the balcony wherein they can read in the natural refreshing atmosphere. Being close to the reserve forest, flats in Guduvuanchery offer a clean and pollution-free environment for living. So, spread out a comfortable rug or a cosy bean bag in the balcony and enjoy reading a book with your chld. This way you can encourage them to be creative and channel their spirit and energy in a positive activity.

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