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Celebrate Janmashtami in Your New Home with Pomp and Splendour

Celebrated to signify the birth of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami, is an auspicious eve for all new beginnings. Celebrated with much pomp and splendour in many states of the country it brings together family and friends in a festive atmosphere. Houses are decorated with colourful rangolis and traditional kolams, tiny feet like that of a baby are drawn on the floor of the house symbolizing the entry of Baby Krishna in to the house, bringing with him good fortune and luck, special delicacies are made with the tantalizing flavours spreading across the home, flowers fruits and not to forget his favourtie butter are gathered to offer the Lord. 

Here are some tips to make this a memorable occasion with family and friends – 

Special decorations to mark the occasion 

Colourful rangolis - Gated Community Apartments in Chennai

Colourful rangolis and traditional kolams are always an integral part of celebrations in India.  Involve all, right from the grandparents to the tiny tots at home to make an attractive statement with colours at your doorstep. Kids will love to make the tiny steps of Krishna walking into the house symbolizing the entry of God into the abode bringing with him good fortune to the household. 

Homemade delicacies create memories 

special sweets - Apartments for sale in Chennai

Good food and special sweets and savouries are an inseparable part of Indian festivities. Traditional dishes and modern delicacies custom made for the kids at home make Janmashtami special. Today many shops also offer prasadam packs, though this may be a relief for all the working professionals, homemade goodies always are special, especially since making them brings the people at home together. The long chat sessions that the parents and the grandkids have when they carefully instruct them the recipe for the offerings, the small mistakes which often evoke laughter rather than anger, and finally offering them to the God and then tasting it to one’s delight, these leave all with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Cultural events add colour and life   

Janmashtami celebrations - Premium Apartments for Sale in Chennai

Janmashtami celebrations are fun in gated community apartments, for one gets to participate and enjoy many wonderful events. The cute dances and parades of small boys and girls dressed as Krishna and Radha, the dandiya dance with the sound of the sticks reverberating to a top tapping number, and fun activities like Dahi Handi where young boys and girls create a human pyramid and try to reach and break a hanging clay pot filled with curd. Such events are organized in many parts of the city and these gated communities leave no stone unturned to make an occasion a celebration for all. Participating in such events brings the residents of the community together and creates an warm and friendly atmosphere 

Janmashtami celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna symbolizes the onset of good times and the dispel of darkness, this eve is more significant for all the aspiring home buyers who desire to own their dream home, for this day is the right time to make their dreams come true by exploring the prestigious projects in the city and booking the abode of their dream. 

Celebrate Janmashtami with pomp and splendour in your new home and create wonderful memories to cherish forever.

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