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Diwali Celebration in Gated Community Homes – Brighter, Bigger and Sweeter

The festival of lights is here! It’s time to invite friends and family to your home and welcome the special day with lights, sweets and festivities. The auspicious occasion called “Dhanteras” celebrated during Diwali bestows the blessings of goddess Lakshmi, bringing wealth and prosperity and is the right time to invest in a home and become a proud homeowner. And, what better way to celebrate this special event than in your new home within a premium gated community? Diwali celebrations are always bigger, brighter, sweeter and louder here, read on to know more – 

Celebrate the cultural extravaganza

Celebrate the cultural extravaganza - gated Community Apartments for Sale in Chennai

Diwali is the time for new clothes, new gadgets and new accessories. It’s time to indulge in the many new arrivals that flood the market both online and offline and what better way to experience this than a beautiful gated community where we get to meet people from all walks of life. As people from the north, south, east and west confluence in the gated community in the metros, one is exposed to multiple cultures and multiple ways of celebrating the special day. Right from new ideas to decorate the house to the new clothesline from the famous brand to the economical and exciting new arrivals in the online shopping portal, and the tips on the traditional preparations to the latest sweets and savouries in the stores, you get to know, experience and embrace a wide-range of options and possibilities. 

Just a quick chat with the neighbour next door or the usual ghupshup session with friends in the community Park, we get exposed to innumerable opportunities to be in sync with the trend. Dressed in beautiful new clothes that range from the traditional Kancheepuram silk to the trendy Salwar suit or jean, carrying a box of delicacies and flashing a sparkling smile on face when friends and neighbours celebrate Diwali together one gets to experience a cultural extravaganza.

Extended celebration with extended family

Extended celebration with extended family - South India's Largest Real Estate Developer

It is an extended celebration on the Diwali eve in gated community apartments in Chennai with all kids, adolescent teens, parents and grandparents coming down and exchanging pleasantries in the club house or enjoying the common fireworks in the community. In an attempt to reduce pollution many gated communities in the city organise a collective fireworks display thus saving cost and also the impact on the environment. Many welcome trends have also come up like the common sweet making in the common kitchen. Some of the new age apartments in the city have a common kitchen in the club house where famous chefs are employed during Diwali to make an array of exciting sweets and savouries and residents buy them as per their requirements. This not only saves the time and labour for the ladies at home but also ensures the availability of quality products at a much lower cost. 

Many premium communities also host dinners and get togethers during Diwali thus creating memories that linger forever. In cities where one rarely enjoys the perks of joint family and kids have more virtual friends than real ones, Diwali celebrations in gated community apartments helps one create a good social circle with friends in the community making it an extended celebration with the extended family. 

Open and inclusive celebration

Open and Inclusive Celebration - Premium Apartments for Sale in Chennai

The world today needs a more inclusive community that looks beyond the boundaries of religion, caste and language, and living in a gated community where people from different backgrounds reside is the best platform to develop it. Right from making colourful rangolis in the common pathway to lighting lamps to dispel darkness, when neighbours and friends come together a friendly neighbourhood that looks beyond manmade differences emerges.  Mindless of the religion of the neighbour next door when one drops in with a box of sweets to celebrate Diwali with an open mind, a precedent is set for the kids at home who go on to create a more open and inclusive environment. 

A celebration in the company of friends and family is more fun, exciting and fulfilling. gated community apartments in the city offer opportunities to make every event and occasion more exciting. And needless to say Diwali dhamakaa is best experienced with family, friends, neighbours in the community, making it a huge bash. Take a look at the exciting new-gen homes in premium communities in the city and choose where you would like to celebrate your festivals with joy and splendour, making them a celebration of lifetime.

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