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Freedom with Fine Amenities, Here’s Why Home buyers prefer Gated Community Villas

Home buyers and Property enthusiasts often face this challenge of selecting the ideal abode, the argument boils down to the choice between Individual House and Apartment. The advantages and drawbacks of both these options are well-known, but it is the inherent nature of individuals to desire the best of both worlds, what if they could experience the privacy and freedom of an individual house and enjoy multiple amenities of a Gated community living. Well, this dream of a home buyer is made a reality by Gated Community Villas. Let us look at the many benefits they have to offer

Absolute Freedom & Privacy 

Right from the tiny tots at home to the senior citizens everyone needs their privacy and private space. Very often it looks like two different worlds existing under one roof each demanding their space and freedom. One solution to give family members their much desired privacy is to live in a Villa. With more space, freedom to move around and indulge in desired activities, everyone at home gets their happy corner. Be it the late night parties of the youth at home or the bhajan meet of the grandparents, there is no concern of an angry neighbor barging in with complaints. Apart from the gift of privacy, what makes these homes very special is the fact that some of these beautiful Villas come have private garden space attached to them. So, sipping a hot cup of coffee one gets to enjoy the evening in the garden, bringing the charm of the old world to the present days.

Living Close to Nature – 

Sitting on the patio and listening to your favorite music, enjoying the twilight beauty of the sky from the rooftop balcony, strolling through the beautifully landscaped green Park/garden, and much more, you can enjoy these activities not just during your yearly vacation  but every single day of your life in your Villa Home. Enclosing a private garden space in a sprawling community full of greenery, Gated Community Villa gives you a life close to nature. Opening the door of the house and stepping out in the beautifully landscaped garden at any time of the day without the concern of safety is something that only owners of villas in Gated Community can enjoy.

Amenity Full Living  

Lifestyle amenities, a much-desired feature that owners of  independent houses often miss are made available in these Community Villas. They offer a plethora of amenities like Walking/Jogging Trail, Outdoor game courts, library, departmental store, Star Clubhouse with swimming pool, indoor games, Gym,  and much more. Leading a luxurious lifestyle availing the many facilities of community living is no longer enjoyed only by owners of apartments, for, the Gated community villas offer the residents a world of amenities which adds fun and joy to each day of their life.

Improved Safety 

While Living in an individual house offers more freedom it also brings with it safety concerns. Everytime there is a situation where the owner has to travel and the house has to be locked, the safety of the house and its belongings is a big concern and one has to make solid plans to ensure safety. However, safety and security is not a concern in Villas in reputed Gated Communities with good security systems in place. Measures such as deployment of security personnel 24*7 at the entrance of the Complex, availability of visitor management system for strict screening of all service providers and visitors, approval for entry at the gate, CCTV surveillance, and other such stringent security arrangements ensure total security and safety of the residents in the community.

Easy Maintenance 

Fixing a leaking tap or attending to a faulty light fixture are the responsibility of the homeowner in an individual house. One has to scout for the right service provider and get the issue resolved, a challenging task in between the work commitments. However, premium Gated Community villas have maintenance staff available in the community complex 24*7 to offer comprehensive maintenance support. Any issue, the only step that the homeowner can take is to call the maintenance office and log a complaint, and the issue gets resolved very quickly.

With more space and room for the residents, Villas are preferred for the freedom it provides; with better security measures, ease of maintenance, and availability of lifestyle amenities, apartments are sought. But bringing together the best of both these worlds, Gated Community villas in thriving places of the city like OMR offer the home owners not just more freedom but good security, better amenities and a life close to nature. Do visit them, explore and discover the dream living in store for you.

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