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Investing in the Property Market? Here’s a Homebuyer’s checklist for you

Home buying can be a challenging task for a first-timer. After all, there are so many steps, tasks, and formalities to be handled, and as a buyer one would be anxious about making an expensive mistake. Follows these important steps which have been broadly classified under three main divisions to make this milestone decision into a wise one

Tasks Preceding Selection of Home – 

  • Fix Your Budget, this should be the primary factor, following this select the localities that offer properties that fit in your investment bucket.
  • The final choice of locality from the list of preferred ones should be based on the social infrastructure of the place, its connectivity, and the growth potential of properties there. Apartments in Chennai are emerging Micro markets like Siruseri are highly preferred as they rank high in this aspect.
  • Scout properties in the chosen location that fall in your investment range, prefer RERA approved properties and builders for there are bankable and ensure the safety of investment and adherence to norms and regulations.

Once the property is selected then comes the following set of legalities

Tasks during Property Purchase – 

Purchase of Property is a milestone achievement and one has to ensure that all the legal formalities and documents are in place to be assured of a safe and secure investment. As a buyer remember to acquire and validate these important documents

  • Sale Deed -This important document establishes the ownership of the title of the property, it indicates that the ownership of the property has been transferred from the seller to the buyer.
  • Encumbrance Certificate – This indicates that the property is free from legal dues, remember to check the Encumbrance Certificate (EC) of your property.
  • The Sale Agreement – The sale agreement contains the different terms and clauses of the property transaction between you and the developer, carefully read its content to know all the details.
  • Allotment Letter – The builder issues you an allotment letter containing the terms of construction, the construction schedule,  the terms of  payment, and other relevant details.  This document is essential to avail bank loan for the property.
  • Construction Commencement Certificate & Building plan approval – The builder of the property acquires approval, license and permission from the statutory authority before starting the property construction. Get copies of these approvals from the seller on purchase of property.
  • No-Objection Certificates (NOC) – The property builder gets multiple NOCs during the construction phase from different authorities as required, acquire a copies of these NOCs, this will be essential for bank loan approval .
  • Completion Certificate & Occupancy Certificate – The Builder gets the Completion certificate once the property construction is complete as per approved plan and  an occupancy certificate indicates that the building is finally ready for occupancy. Obtain a copy of these from the builder and maintain it with other records.
  • Possession Letter – This document serves as a proof of transfer of ownership to the buyer. You would receive this from the developer with the date of possession mentioned in it, this letter is essential for loan processing.

Carefully obtain these important documents, and read them and file them carefully.

Tasks After Possession – 

  • Once you receive the possession of your dream home the first task would be to do its interiors. Property for self-occupancy can enjoy an elaborate interior designing done to your specifications and that to be given on rent can be done to meet the basic requirements.
  • Obtain Electricity Connection and Water Connection in your name, after completion the developer usually facilitates the transfer of name for this.
  • Remember to update your new address in all important records like Passport, Banks, Investments, Driving license, Ration card, Voter Id etc.

Keep this checklist handy when you go about your property transaction. Enjoy the special moment of owning your dream home and with little prudence and planning you will ensure a smooth process and possess a property for life.

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