New Gen Homes, Homes that extend beyond the Four Walls - Beautiful apartments for Sale in Chennai

New Gen Homes, Homes that extend beyond the Four Walls

What do the Next Gen home buyers desire? Truly a million dollar question! What goes without saying are the basics – A beautiful well-planned house, quality construction, well done interiors, locality with good social infrastructure, connectivity, etc. But, present day home buyers need and desire something beyond this, they wish for a home that would offer them a holistic living experience. What does this imply? This implies that the need of the hour are homes that extend beyond the four walls of the living space, and offer these elements that add value to life-

A Green Environment for Healthy Living –

Post the pandemic people have realised the value of healthy living, and strive to include healthy habits as a part of their everyday life. Activities like Regular walks/jogging, practising Yoga, hitting the gym are now desired by many to stay healthy and be in shape. New Gen homes that offer a green environment to facilitate these activities are the first choice of home buyers. Apartments that offer abundant space in the Gated Community have planned facilities that encourage people to embrace an active lifestyle outside the four walls of the house are the need of the hour.

A Conducive Atmosphere for Children –

Parents are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of kids being hooked to gadgets and living a sedentary lifestyle. Due to the increasing cases of obesity, ADHD and lack of social skills in kids,  parents encourage kids to play outdoors, engage themselves in some sport and enjoy a happy, healthy and socially connected childhood. Owing to this Premium Gated community apartments with amenities like Children’s play area, indoor/outdoor game courts like badminton, basketball, cricket practice net, swimming pool are highly preferred by home buyers.

Facilities that make Life Easy – 

In present times when both the parents are employed and juggle between work and parental duties, they strive hard to manage their professional commitments and their duties towards the children and elders at home, and are in need of help from all quarters. Comprehending their needs leading real estate developers offer Premium Gated Community apartments in thriving localities like Siruseri equipped with facilities like super markets, Co-working spaces in Club house, Work from Park facility, and some never-before facilities like Skill-development centre for Children which offers coaching for academic and extracurricular activities. These thoughtful amenities are what differentiates an ordinary house from a desirable one.

Amenities that Add Value to Life – 

Waiting for that one holiday that gives a break from the everyday mundane life is too long a wait. One needs small breaks throughout the day, ones that take away boredom and fill us with joy and excitement. A home that offers the right environment to facilitate this is definitely in the wishlist of every home buyer. Premium apartments in sought after localities like Siruseri are constructed with this understanding, and built with a wide range of carefully planned amenities like Open Amphitheatre, ladies kitty corner, senior citizen hangout area, yoga & aerobics deck, Rooftop gaming zones, Rooftop barbeque and dining area, Coworking space in club house, work from park provision, and more.

Next Gen Home buyers do not look at home as the area constricted within the four walls, it extends beyond that. It is a happy space where one enjoys an active, connected and happy living, and homes that offer facilities to facilitate this are definitely the primary choice of the home buyers today.

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