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The Future of Real Estate in India and What it Means for Investors

The Indian real estate market has undergone significant changes in recent years largely due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a significant demand for housing and a considerable boost in the sale of new properties as people prioritise their housing needs more than ever. There is an emerging trend where the average age of home buyer has now reduced to 30s, more and more Millennials and GenZ are showing interest in real estate investment.

Better interest rates, easy availability of home loans, Fat Salary and increased spending capacity, financial prudence and the ability to prioritise financial discipline and stability, turbulence in other investment options like share market, increasing gold rate and dipping bank savings interest rates all these reasons have contributed to individuals choosing Real estate as a safe and trusted investment option. With the housing sales increasing steeply post COVID in all the major metropolitan cities of the country let us look at the other major trends that govern this sector –

Increasing Demand for Affordable Housing

One trend that is likely to continue in the future is the increasing demand for affordable housing. This segment of the market has seen strong growth in recent years, and the trend is expected to continue as more and more people look for affordable housing options in India’s cities.

Growing Interest in Sustainable and Green Buildings

Another trend that is expected to continue in the future is the growing interest in sustainable and green buildings. As people become more environmentally conscious, there is a growing demand for buildings that are energy-efficient, sustainable, and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Digital Transformation in Real Estate

The real estate sector in India is also experiencing a digital transformation, with more and more transactions taking place online. The Pandemic period saw the emergence of digital technology to the rescue of the real estate sector with both the developers and the customers preferring Video tours of project sites, VR tours of model flats, etc. With the physical inspection of the property being the choice of the customer before closing the deals these technology assisted modus operandi has reduced a lot of effort for the customer helping them narrow their options from many available ones. From property search and discovery to negotiations and closing, the entire process of buying and selling property is becoming increasingly digital.

Reforms and Regulations Driving Growth

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) has brought the much-needed transparency and accountability to the market, and this is expected to continue to drive growth in the future. It has made the developers more accountable with respect to adherence to the design plans, quality standards, and completion of project and handover of apartments as per the schedule. With the introduction of RERA regulations customers have resorted to the real estate market with increased confidence and goodwill.

The Indian real estate sector has emerged as a very reliable and rewarding investment option for the customers. Post the pandemic people have come to realise the importance of a roof of their own and have also prioritised financial stability. With many encouraging factors like lower home loan interest rates, better returns on investment both in terms of asset appreciation and demand for rental properties, houses in the top tier metropolitan cities of India witnessed huge demand and this trend is expected to boom in the years to come. So, Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or just a beginner, seize the moment, for now is the time to invest in the real estate market.


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