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Top 3 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Location of Your Plot

Choosing the right location for your plot is crucial, it impacts your quality of life when you build your home and move in, and also the future appreciation of the investment. Here are the top three factors to consider while choosing the location of your plot to ensure that you make a smart investment –

  1. Accessibility – Choose a location that is  easily accessible by roads and has good connectivity through different modes of transport. This will ensure that you have easy access to all the required facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, Banks, ATMs, etc. While evaluating in this aspect, Villa Plots in Thiruvallur are a smart choice as they enjoy good connectivity through a network of state and national highways. The State Highway 50 connects Tiruvallur to Tiruttani, Thirumazhisai, and Sriperumbudur, and the State Highway 56 connects it to towns Avadi, Ambattur, and Padi. The Chennai-Tirupati Highway (NH 716) and the Chennai-Kolkata Highway (NH 16) connects Tiruvallur to major cities like Tirupati,  Kolkata, while passing through Thirumazhisai and Poonamallee, thereby offering seamless connectivity within the city and to other places in the country. The metro rail expansion is also expected to benefit plots in Thiruvallur as it would further improve the accessibility to this place.
  2. Neighborhood: The second factor to consider when selecting the location of your plot is the neighborhood. Choose a locality that is safe and secure with a low crime rate. A good neighbourhood with a social infrastructure of good schools, colleges, hospitals, entertainment avenues will make life easy and enjoyable. Check to ensure that is good approach road to the plot and streetlights to ensure safety and security.
  3. Scope for Development: The third factor to consider when selecting the location of your plot is the potential for future development. Look for areas that are experiencing growth and development, as this can increase the value of your investment in the long run. Do your research on the proposed development plans for the place and the infrastructure projects in the pipeline, this will help you estimate the scope for appreciation of the plot value.

Villa Plots for sale in Tiruvallur have good scope for appreciation in the future as this locality houses many industries, including automobile, electronics, and textiles. There are also several major infrastructure projects underway in this part of the city, the Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor and the Chennai Peripheral Ring Road are two of those prominent ones which are predicted to create many new employment opportunities  and drive economic growth in the region.  The Metro rail expansion to include Tiruvallur, and the proposed Greenfield Airport at Tiruvallur would further fuel the growth of this locality making the plots in Thiruvallur a good choice of investment.

Here’s a quick recap of the above mentioned points: Ensure that the location of your choice offers good connectivity, an atmosphere conducive for industrial establishments in vicinity, and has good scope for development in terms of infrastructure development projects in pipeline. All these ensure that the location of your plot would offer a good environment for comfortable living and also has potential for development ensuring good asset appreciation and excellent ROI.

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