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Why NewGen Home seekers prefer Gated Community apartments?

Nikhil wrapped up his Holiday Homework and dashed out of home to join his friends in cycling around the complex while Nikitha was happily preparing for her dance class that was conducted in the Genius Facility.Watching her kids lead an active and socially connected life, Namratha was happy that she made the right decision to buy her home in a Gated Community equipped with amenities for an active and holistic living.

With no fear about the safety of her children, she could let them enjoy a happy childhood and also leverage the time and freedom to indulge in her favourite hobbies. New age Parents, Professionals and also Millennials looking to buy their first house, find New Gen Gated Community apartments as the ideal choice of home, and here’s why –

Ample Safety & Security Measures – 

Gated Community apartments are equipped with efficient and fool-proof security measures. Security guards at the gates, strict screening of visitors facilitated by CCTV cameras and visitor management system, authorization and approval of household workers like domestic help, drivers, cook, baby sitters, etc. Many of the premium Gated Communities offer camera surveillance  where activities in the community can be viewed through an App sitting at office. In households where the younger members are at work and the seniors and children of the house are at home, this gives maximum positive reinforcement and peace of mind to the people at work.

Amenity Full living – A dashing, Vibrant and Zestful living is what young prefer and that is offered in a platter in premium Gated Community apartments. A plethora of amenities right from World-Class Clubhouses for partying, beautifully maintained swimming pools to beat the summer heat, Indoor/Outdoor Game courts to unwind with friends, and departmental stores to cater to the day-to-day household needs, everything comes in the safe confines of the community. Young home owners who desire resort-style living, find these amenities highly desirable in their home.

Socially Connected Living –NewGen Home owners are aware of the adverse impact of Technology and Gadgets on the kids, and are on the lookout for homes where their children can find better companions than the animated cartoons in the Gadgets and real friends unlike those in the virtual world of Facebook or Twitter, and Gated Community apartments seem to be the perfect answer to this. NewGen Home Owners desire to gift their children a better Childhood, where they can run around and play in the Parks, enjoy game sessions with their friends, and develop a good Social intelligence (Social IQ) that helps them lead a successful, happy life.

Easy Maintenance – A dripping tap in the kitchen, a fused bulb in the living room or a door latch that is stuck, all these can be fixed with just a phone call. Yes, maintenance is easy and quick in Gated Community apartments, for all that it takes is raising a service request and making a call or sending a message to the Maintenance incharge. In an individual house each of these tasks would require locating the right service person, multiple visits to hardware shops and shelling out quite a huge sum of money. With both the partners at home being busy with their job and also balancing household chores, easy maintenance in Gated Community apartments is a major Win for them.

Better Contingency Management – Be it a sudden fire or floods or even the most unexpected of all attacks, the Pandemic, Gated Community apartments have better Contingency Management plan in place. These communities have Community Apps, WhatsApp groups where people are connected, help and look-out for each other during such times. NewGen Home Owners find it reassuring to stay in a community where there are good contingency plans in place.

As Gated Community apartments make for the ideal Safe, Secured, Comfortable and amenities filled Homes they are the obvious choice of New Age Home owners, as they  believe in living Life to the Fullest.

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