New House, New Responsibilities: First Steps for New Homeowners - South India's Largest Real Estate Developer

New House, New Responsibilities: First Steps for New Homeowners

Holding the key to your own home is truly a surreal experience, your dream of being a proud homeowner is now a reality; cherish this special moment with friends and family. Now that this milestone is accomplished, what next?  Obviously, settling in your house, and here are some pointers which will help you ace this phase. 

Safekeeping of the documents

Safekeeping of the documents - South India's Largest Real Estate Developer

Ensure that you have received all the legal documents to be handed over by the developer. Here’s an exhaustive list of the important documents. It is advisable to keep these documents in your bank locker and maintain a photocopy of these at home.  After the completion of the home buying process you will have to register for property Tax evaluation and have the process completed to start paying the property tax and also water/sewage tax. Keep the related tax payment receipts safe along with the above mentioned documents. These documents are also essential for the change of address. Remember to initiate this important process at your bank, gas agency, telephone exchange and all the other important service providers. 

Interiors & furnishing

Interiors & furnishing -Apartments for Sale in Padur


Before you move-in to your dream home it is absolutely essential to finish the interiors and furnish the house as per your taste. It is always easy to work on the interiors and have the wood work completed in an unoccupied home rather than carry it out with the residents moving around, this way the work can be completed quickly and efficiently without disturbing the home owners. Simple, elegant and functional interiors are in vogue now, keeping the furniture minimal and functional.  New-gen homes in premium gated communities in thriving localities of the city like Padur, OMR, and its neighbourhood are designed for optimal utilization of available space, so finding the right fit in terms of furniture should be easy and quick. 

Home lighting 

Home lighting - Flats for Sale in Padur

Finding the right lighting solutions for your home is a very important task, for it impacts the ambience of the home and also the wellness of the residents. Houses with good ventilation like the new-gen homes in trending localities of OMR like Padur are built considering these features, they enable natural lighting which is both healthy and saves on your power bills. While choosing light fixtures and fittings go for those that are both functional and have an aesthetic appeal, illuminating not just the house but also uplifting the mood of the residents. 

You have umpteen options to choose from LED tubes and bulbs, accent light, chandeliers, strip lights and LED fixtures for false ceilings, task lights, and much more. Pay attention to the energy consumption details of the devices, and star ratings come handy in it. Choose the ones with good ratings, for, you pay for the devices once but your power consumption bill comes to you every month. 

Know your neighbourhood

Know your neighbourhood - Premium Apartment for Sale in OMR

A lot of due diligence would have been done before selecting the location of your dream home, and it’s now time to reap the benefits of this smart decision. Make all the family members aware of your neighbourhood, the nearest metro station, the bus stop close to home, the different modes of transport available. This is absolutely required, even when you & your family use a private mode of commutation, you can never be sure when you would be in need of it. In buzzing localities like the IT corridor, OMR, the modes of commute are umpteen, so for the happy owners along this stretch, a neighbourhood tour would be a pleasant experience. Innumerable eateries, shopping malls, theaters, and frequent bus services are truly a blessing here. Learn where the nearest department store is located, the closed gym,  coffee shop, etc., These are some basic needs for your family, however lucky owners of the premium Gated community apartments in Padur need not look beyond their happy homes, as all these features are available within the safe confines of the society. 

Hi new community & neighbours! 

Hi new community & neighbours! - Gated Community Apartments for Sale in Chennai

Familiarize with the new community, enquire about the association, its rules & regulations, the committee members and also check if there exists a formal whatsapp group for the residents and become a member of it, many of the important communication happens there! If there is a visitor management system in place, sign up for it and register the required details to ensure hassle free movement of visitors and service providers. Get introduced to your neighbours, they are the ones who are close to you and would be available in case of any emergency. So, get their contact details and make an effort to establish a cordial relationship with them, for in a metropolitan city your neighbours are your extended family. 

Becoming  a proud homeowner is a milestone achievement in one’s life, and as you step into this happy phase of life, remember that a little planning and foresight will make this feat all the more fun and enjoyable. Your accomplishment comes with its own sets of responsibilities, and the foremost would be to make the right choice of home.

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